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09/15/14 02:41 PM #30    

Frances Essex (Floyd)

Found this picture of Miss Koone's fifth grade class at Englewood Elementary.  I am in the back row sitting next to Mike Merritt (not sure what I was mad about).  Chuck Menotte is also sitting in the back row.  Artiles is in the front right corner in front of Beverly Jelinek.  Think I recognize twelve other '69 graduates!

09/15/14 03:16 PM #31    


Pat (Trish) Morris

Frances- great picture of our 5th grade class! Look 2 people to the right of you and up one- that's me- Trish Morris! Thanks for finding this great picture!

09/15/14 03:17 PM #32    


Pat (Trish) Morris

By the way...2 people up from you is Warriner Siddle

09/16/14 08:13 AM #33    

Frances Essex (Floyd)

Pat (as I remember you),   I had recognized you and Warriner.  I think Shirley Zayatz is sitting in front of you, then Rodney Hylton, Kathy Gregory and Cathy McDonald.  Sam Skinner is to her left and Kathy Herndon is next to Sam.  Artiles, Beverly, Maude Base, Norm Middlebrooks, Karen Atkinson and Janet Segal are in the far right row.  I can remember just about everyone which is a little scary!  Do you know who the boy sitting next to you is? 

Hope you are doing well.

09/16/14 11:56 AM #34    

Joseph H. Johnson, (Jr. )

Hey. Francis. .My sister Wanda lived next to you for years. My fifth grade teacher was Ms. Welden.Joe Johnson

09/16/14 12:38 PM #35    


Pat (Trish) Morris

Not sure the boys name but he looks familiar!! Now that us scary cause I remembered everyone you named!! The girl to my right is Suzanne ...? 

09/16/14 03:39 PM #36    

Frances Essex (Floyd)

Hey, Joe!  How is Wanda and Bill doing?  They were some great neighbors.  Sure miss them!  How are you  doing?  Are you in Jacksonville?                                                                                                                        

Pat, that is Suzanne Council.  I think she moved away during junior high.  Rose Culpepper is sitting in front of her.  She moved to Michigan after seventh grade.

09/16/14 07:15 PM #37    

Linda Siegel (Eason)

Love this picture!  And I recognize a few of the faces although I didn't know them until we all got to Southside Junior High....Frances, I think Mike Merritt must have been picking on you by the look on your face! 


09/17/14 11:51 AM #38    

Artiles Manuel Pelegrin

Hi Frances, hope everything is ok with you... Let me ask you a question did you keep in contact with Rose Culperpper


09/17/14 12:23 PM #39    

Joseph H. Johnson, (Jr. )

No I live in St. Marys Ga. Up the road about 45 min. From Jax. Wanda and Bill retired down at their place in Suwanne. They owned rental property in Jax. and come up occassionally.I will say hi for you.

09/17/14 02:11 PM #40    

Frances Essex (Floyd)

Linda, I am sure Mike said something to make me mad.  We were always picking on each other in elementary school!

Artiles, I stayed in touch with Rose until we both graduated and then we lost track of each other.  She was one of my best friends at little Englewood.  We were always doing things together.

Joe, please do tell Wanda and Bill that Skee and I say "hi"!  Tell them to come see us when they are in Jax.  We still are at the same place!

09/17/14 09:23 PM #41    

Artiles Manuel Pelegrin

Hi Frances, thank you, Rose was my firts girl friend in the u.s.a, her mother did not wanted me around her. I just wanted to know..thank you



09/18/14 09:15 AM #42    

Frances Essex (Floyd)

Artiles, and to think all these years I thought I was your first girlfriend!  What a player you were!

09/18/14 10:12 AM #43    

Artiles Manuel Pelegrin

Wow I forgot,it's been a few years ago,sorry you know I love you


09/18/14 06:06 PM #44    

Danny W. Suber, Sr.

I'm pretty sure the girl to Frances' right is Frankie Bignon!


09/18/14 08:25 PM #45    

Frances Essex (Floyd)

Yes, Danny, that is Frankie. Do you know who the boy is sitting in front of her?  And does anyone know what happened to Frankie?  She wasn't with our graduating class. 

09/18/14 09:44 PM #46    

Wayne E. Solomon

Frankie married David Lea our sophmore year, dropped out of high school and stayed with her mother while David was in Viet Nam.  The last time I saw her was in 1969 I believe. My brother was engaged to her sister Mary Ann.

01/21/15 11:47 AM #47    

Danese Veates (Ballantine)

MONTHLY Class of 1969 Lunches.

If you and your Classmates/close friends keep in touch and are interested in getting together once a month or so for lunch or dinner, please call George Farah, Lee Class of 1967. Our restaurant, Farah’s Restaurant & Pita Grill, can seat 50 people and provide a relaxing, welcoming place for you to spend time catching up with friends and/or family. Classmates from various schools in Jacksonville are already on board. Visit us on the web to see the menu, Feel free to call George with any questions. Reservations are not necessary but if seating is a concern, please call ahead (904-928-4322).

Farah’s Restaurant and Pita Grill

3980 Southside Blvd Suite 201 (Hogan Rd West Service Rd)

Jacksonville, FL.32216  (in  Wild Plum Plaza)

George Farah is a classmate of my husband.  Good guy

11/21/18 08:39 PM #48    

Danese Veates (Ballantine)


It is with great sorrow that I am notifying the Class of 1969, the passing of Danese Veates Ballantine.  Danese was an 18 year survivor of breast cancer.  In mid September, test were preformed in ER for a blockage of her bile duct and a stint was placed. Further tests showed the breast cancer had metastasis around her heart, in her lungs and abdomen.  The oncologist said that chemo would not provide her any guarantees to her life expectancies of 3 months.  Danese chose quality of life.  She had never played with her kids, grandkids and quilting Ladies.  She was enjoying Life.  Her requests were for everyone to ‘hug more.’

John Ballantine (

06/02/19 06:28 AM #49    


Rodney D. Hylton

I know I share with all those who attended our 50th class reunion the appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness for all the hard work and dedication the reunion committee expended to organize and deliver an amazing reunion. From the treasure trove of EHS memorabilia, decorations, music and food a grand time was had by all.  The memorial tribute to those classmates who have passed on before us is a somber remembrance of friends lost and acknowledgment of our lack of immortality.

It’s always nice to see, reunite and reminisce with friends and loves of years gone by.

For those who could not make it to this year’s reunion, we hope you can make it to our next.






06/03/19 11:10 AM #50    

Bruce K. Stout

To all of the members, and family, who spent countles hours working on our 50th. Class Reunion, your work was shown to reap hundreds of times your efforts !!!  The attention to details and convictions to make it one for the ages... wasn't lost on ANY of the attendees!!!  I'm sure we ALL would still be applauding ( if our hands and arms hadn't grown weary many years ago !!! ).  Both Lisa and myself will be looking for the 55th and on for our next reunion!!!  Well done... falls short, but yet we still offer it !!!  WELL DONE !!!  

With sincerest of thanks,

Bruce & Lisa Stout

07/24/23 04:18 PM #51    

Johnny Reagan

At our upcoming 55th Reunion we would like to recognized our deceased class members.  Please help us identify any that we may have missed.  It is helpful if you know the year and location they passed.  It is important that we do not forget any of our classmates.  I can post on our "In Memory" page.  You can also email me direct at if you wish.  We try to confirm these deaths through obituaries and family.  Best wishes, Johnny Reagan.  


08/29/23 03:56 PM #52    

Wade F. Casey

Reunion Organizing Committee.  Thank you for organizing another reunion, my wife and I plan to attend.  The last one was exceptional and I hope you will be able to replicate that one to the extent possible.  Best wishes and blessings to one and all.  Thank you and hope to see you there.  Wade Casey, Ft Hunt, VA

10/09/23 04:37 PM #53    

Bruce K. Stout

Hey Andy,  nice to hear from you !!!  About the 55th I'm thinking we'll be in Hawaii for March-May.  Our middle son, got a hospital administrator job and has purchased a home on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he works.  Not specific on our dates yet but we things seem to pile on when we do plan for the future.  I'll get back to you ASAP.  Stay well and be safe !!!

11/24/23 02:02 PM #54    

Johnny Reagan

Englewood Class of 69, great news!  We have an accepted contract with Crosswater Hall at Nocatee to host our 55th Reunion on April 11th, 2024 from 6 PM until 11 PM.  This is an amazing venue like nothing we’ve had before.  You will definitely be impressed with this venue inside and outside.  Very safe area with plenty of parking. Go to  to view the Crosswater Hall and location.  We will be posting nearby hotels soon.  The Reunion cost per person will be $69.  This cost includes a wonderful buffet meal, ICE, and drink set-ups as previous reunions. BYOB is authorized!  Good news, we were able to obtain the same great caterer everyone enjoyed at our 50th Reunion.  Payment instructions forthcoming on, and Facebook.  Please spread the word so we can have another great turnout. 


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