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10/20/09 06:20 AM #1    

Tracey Teeple (Hessler)

For the first time in a long time, I have to agree with Sandi. Thanks to this site, I've already been able to touch base with a good friend. Although I won't be able to attend the reunion, I will be able to feel a part of it. You speak to me with burning tongue, and I am ice, melting to quench your thirst T~

10/23/09 12:46 AM #2    

Charlotte Grantham (Goodman)

Still the same old Sandi. So good to see you are doing well. I wish I could make it down. Late summer between Jr & Sr year dad was transferred to Washington, DC. Even though I did not get to graduate from Englewood, I did get to attend the 20th was so much fun. I took a lot of pictures at the 20th, if I can locate them, I will scan and post them.

10/28/09 01:07 PM #3    

Shelley McCormack (Daniel)

I agree with the comments about something more casual (and less expensive). I am able to attend, but would have preferred a more laid-back setting, especially since I'm coming dance partner :(


10/29/09 10:45 PM #4    

Charlotte Grantham (Goodman)

What an awesome job on the video. Thanks for making video and posting the memories. I really enjoyed watching.

11/10/09 06:46 PM #5    

Lynne Coy (DeWolf)

I totally agree... with the price of everything... when did we get so upperclass??? We are the class that went against everything... the only one who dressed was "Mary Nona" as her mother called her. Our class dressed in jeans, shorts etc. I personally don't need all the "hoopla"

12/08/09 12:21 PM #6    

Susan Hennessey (Pasternak)

To all of my Classmates, Thank you for an opportunity to peek into your lives for a short time. It's been a blast to remember and relive a time in our lives that was so innocent and bright. To see where we've all gone and how we got there is nothing short of amazing. The joys, triumphs, heartaches and's all part of who we are now. I regret that I will not be able to attend and reconnect face to face with the people who were a part of my life in the beginning. I think it was Sandy who said we needed a couple kegs and just kick back and enjoy....that would be cool. Maybe someday in the near future. I'm game. Have fun this weekend. I'll be thinking of you all. Have one for me. And remember:
SENIORS FINE '69 !!! (AND IN '09 TOO!!) Love to all,

01/17/10 11:04 AM #7    

Johnny Reagan

It is sad that not of our classmates could have been present for Rev. Jeff Hartman's Memory Presentation for our deceased classmates. Thank you Jeff and Robert Williams for heart warming and respectful presentation.
Below is a copy of the presentation with video forthcoming:

REUNION – December 12, 2009 – REMEMBRANCE
By Rev. Jeff Hartman, our classmate

Tonight we see the images of some of our classmates.
If we are honest, there are some that we barely remember.
One by one – their pictures appear before our eyes.
Some we vaguely recall passing quickly in the hallway.
Others, more familiar, sat at a desk across the room.

Then, there it was – that special image of you!
Unmistakably you! Tonight I remember - and celebrate you.
And your image is fresh and sharp.
It seems like just yesterday we parted ways.
There was no one quite like you:
No face exactly like yours,
No one walked just like you, talked just like you,
Or even thought just like you.
There will never be anyone quite like you – ever!

As your image is reflected in this place
Memories flash across the screen in our minds.
The things we did together, the dreams we dreamed together,
The experiences we shared together,
The things that brought us close to each other,
These memories we will cherish in our hearts and keep forever.

Then we look around the room at faces present -
Faces of some we honestly don’t remember or else don’t recognize.
Forty years can bring a lot of changes – that’s certain!
Some classmates we barely passed in the hall or the parking lot
And other classmates were then, and always will be called “friend”.

But at this moment, and on this day we honor you, our classmates gone!
As well, we take some time to visit with old friends
And to make new ones from those who were able to attend.
And perhaps we stop to turn the faded pages of our Yearbook.
Englewood High School, Jacksonville, Florida –
Class of 1969 - that was our class!

Whether present – or not – every classmate holds a special place.
Some are here tonight. Others live near or far away.
And some not on the screen have also passed on.
Though we may be unaware - God is aware.
So, to all our classmates gone, we celebrate you, this moment, this night.
Though gone, you are still very much a part of us.
We remember - and forever honor you in our hearts!

02/16/10 09:49 AM #8    

Janette Edmunds (McCollum)

While I have some time on my hands, recovering from a stress fracture, I have been able to enjoy the Web site.
The pictures from the Reunion are great, but I sure do wish I could read those name tags!! Scott Warbritton and Danese Ballentine ( I apologize for not being sure of the spelling in your names ), but I did recognize them. When attending the Nutcracker in Atlanta, I ran into Danese....small world.
The Memorial Page is a very nice touch. I am still tryng to think of something to put on Patti Austins response area. We were friends in Middle School and had so much fun together. We called it Junior High didn't we?
Thanks to those who put the reunion together and for developing this communicaton forum.
Hello to everyone and come on Spring!!!!

01/02/11 08:32 AM #9    

Timothy A. McDonald

Had a great time at the reunion, except for Ken Higgs. Ken keeps lying to people about our epic backyard basketball game, which I won 100-98. Still, he keeps inisting HE won. I beat him fair and square on a last-second play, a beautiful jump shot from 20 feet that hit nothing but net. He was good that day my friends, but I was better. If we played today, I'd beat him by 20 points.

03/31/14 09:40 AM #10    

Danese Veates (Ballantine)

Hello to anyone and everyone,  Is there any plans for our 45th Class Reunion?

03/31/14 11:01 AM #11    

Carroll Hicks (Miniard)

Hi Danese, 

The committee is in the process of finalizing the date and venue for the 45th reunion. Details coming soon.

04/22/14 10:06 PM #12    

D. Wayne Combass

Hello folks. I am planning to go to the 45th, and it seems like yesterday, that we escaped from dinglebird or was it engleweed, after we left. I hope that all are well, as we all are getting old. Actually, the time at high school is a blurr, as it went by so fast, because I just wanted to get it over with. I had many good times and many good friends, some that I still see. We were all brought up in an age of simplicity, and how the world has changed. However, because we had a good education from the teachers and each other, we were able to adapt to the changing world and compete in it. I have had a good life and I am grateful that I have able to survive the ebbs and flows. Regardless of how successful that we may have been, I know that we have all made the best of it. I want to congratulate all of the class of 1969. We are survivors of the best times.

Wayne Combass,

06/11/14 01:34 PM #13    

Nancy Howard (Hartley)

Hi All,

I agree with Wayne about high school being a blur!  I was on my way out of Jax & on to the bigger world.  Now I can't wait to go back and see old friends.  I should have kept up with people.  I also can't wait to see Jax again.  I understand it is a wonderful city & I have met many people in Atl that love Jax and the beaches.  I MISS the beach for sure.  I think when you grow up near the beach you never get it out of your blood.

Life has gone by too fast but I am thankful for all my blessings.  Looking forward to reconnecting.  Would love to hear from anyone!

Nancy Hartley (Howard)  

06/11/14 04:48 PM #14    

Wayne E. Solomon

I just saw in the Fla Times Union dated 6-8-2014 Shelly Reisico passed suddenly June 2, 2014 at Neptune Beach, Fl.  My prayers to her family.

08/02/14 10:45 AM #15    

Nancy Achey (Eastman)

Where has the time gone?  Just yesterday we were in high school and couldn't wait to get out and start our lives.  It will be so nice to see our high school friends and play catch up.  Looking forward to the reunion.

08/11/14 01:29 PM #16    

Janet Wallace (Aitken)

Hey fellow EHS '69 graduates...sorry, but I won't be able to attend the reunion...gosh, I haven't seen most of you in 45 years, some perhaps 35 years. sad  Facebook sure has been a nice way to keep in touch--feeling thankful for that. yes

Ya'll have fun and maybe I'll see you on another occasion...I'm a FLA gal again after 35+ years in TEXAS! laugh 

08/11/14 05:31 PM #17    

Connie Doss (Egan)

Sorry to hear you won't be there.  I'm sure we will do a 50th!  That should be a blast.  I started helping with the 40th reunion after I retired, but the people below have worked on every reunion since we graduated.  They are amazing.  Take care...Connie Doss Hutton


Mary Henderson    
Ken Higgs    
Teri Jackson Higgs    
Phyllis    Harmon Johnson 
Lucretia Eberhardt Minchew    
Carroll    Hicks Miniard
Martha    Jackson    Ott    
Cynthia    Huffingham Williams
Robert B.Williams, Jr.

08/15/14 11:47 AM #18    

William(Bill) J. Davis

We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary hosted by our

seven (7) wonderful children and their families.    We will not be

attending the Reunion this year, but will look forward to the 50th


May God Bless,

Bill & Patsy Davis

08/16/14 07:46 AM #19    

Majed B. Farmand

Bill & Patsy,

I was really looking forward to see you ! However, you have a great reason. Happy 40th Anniversary!

Majed Farmand



08/16/14 02:23 PM #20    

Nancy Achey (Eastman)

What a blessing!  May you continue to have many more happy ones.

08/22/14 02:25 PM #21    

Danny W. Suber, Sr.

Bill and Patsy,   sorry you guys can't make it this year.    I had hoped to see ol' Patsy get fired up and see if she could still hit those high notes laughing......what a hoot!     Danny Suber


08/23/14 09:45 AM #22    

Ralph R. McCarty

Are shorts too casual for the reunion tonight?  Since retired from Alaska and back to Florida, sure love shorts.

08/23/14 12:30 PM #23    

Carroll Hicks (Miniard)


Shorts will be just fine. You'll probably see lots of flip flops too. Casual is the dress code of the evening. It's going to be an awesome night! Can't wait to see everyone!

08/24/14 12:00 PM #24    

Cheryl Bunting (Ahner)

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it .... We have so much going on here horses , cattle , dogs our neighbors place to watch while they are gone for THREE years so just really busy. I know it was a blast especially at our d stomping grounds. I hope you will post some pics. Maybe next reunion !!

08/24/14 04:43 PM #25    

Artiles Manuel Pelegrin

Hi, I was planing to attend the class reunion and was looking forward to, sorry I to be admited into the hospital 6 days before the event, was still too sick to attend, sorry I miss you 'all I wanted to see all of my friends, maybe if next time I will be able to go if god  allows me. Sincerely your classmate Artiles m Pelegrin

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