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Warriner Siddle

Passed away on 2/17/2007.  Warriner's daughter Mindy shares her memories of her Daddy:

My daddy past away on February 17, 2007 at the age of 56. Most have read his obituary but it tells a very short description of what his life was like.

He married my mom, Trudy, along with her 3 beautiful children about 3 years before I came along in March of 1979. He worked at Piccadilly Cafeterias way before I came along and if I remember correctly my mom went into labor with me sitting on an ice box at Piccadilly (she worked there too). He worked there close to 30 years until until he went on permanent disability due to his illness in 1999. His job took our family from Florida, to Georgia for about 6 years, to North Carolina for about 3 years, and finally ended up in Louisiana at the corporate headquarters.

It is believed that my dad contracted Hep C in 1979 while having a blood transfusion (due to a motorcycle accident) but back then they didn't test for it so no one knew. He lived with the disease until 1992 when doctors told him he was very sick. He was a little surprised as he still felt good. I would say it was probably about 1996 or 97 when he really started feeling bad and started all kinds of treatments that made him feel even worse. It was probably in September of 1999 that the doctors told him that he had about 10% of his liver working and to go home and prepare his family. They put him on a waiting list for a new liver and told him they would be getting him a pager but that the chances were not would be about 3 years. He had the rare blood type. Three months later on December 2nd he received a phone call that they had a match! Let me just stop right here and say..."Jesus is here people...anything can happen!" All 6 of us (including "Mema") quickly rushed to New Orleans to the transplant center where he went through a 12 hour surgery. That was one of the longest nights of my life. The recovery from a transplant is unreal. But you guys know my soon as he was off the respirator he was asking for some 'gut busters', which in his terms meant Krystal burgers. He suffered dearly from those gut busters! Anyway, the recovery road was long for him because he would never be well again. His breakfast consisted of about 20 pills, lunch was about 15 and dinner was about 10. Some medicines even caused other problems and he took one medicine to cancel out the side effects of another. He had heart issues and had other issues that just made it harder and harder.

He became a gold medalist in his weight lifting division. My mom's house has medals and statues of meat heads all over! He continued to be an avid hunter. There wasn't a spot left in the 'hunting room' A.K.A. the guest bedroom. He was a leader in Cooking For Christ at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA. They cooked for thousands of homeless and needy families. I think this was his way of still having some 'managerial' say so in food because he wasn't at Piccadilly anymore. I know from experience...he liked being the boss! But he just really cared about people. He cared about the homeless guy on the side of the road asking for money. He gave his money and his time but most of all he made people smile and laugh.

So I know you remember his personality and it only grew from high school with age. You guys remember his pretty black hair? He had this hair for a long time into his executive years at Piccadilly. Now picture him at the age of 56 with a mo hawk that was bleached platinum and the sides were completely shaved. The mo hawk didn't stand up very high...only about an inch or so. He also ended up with a couple of tattoo's but they were a symbol of his faith in God. I remember my mom calling me and saying "you're never going to guess where I just dropped your dad off at.....the tattoo shop!" He was definitely the 'different' one at church!

He had 6 grandchildren to include: Alex, Kyle and Allison (Duane's kids and now 44), Brandon and Garrett (DeeDee's kids and now 42), and Hannah (my sweet girl and I am 30). Darren is 41. He loved them and us all so much. He shared a level of liking for toys and little odds and ends that he shopped for to give them. I think he had to give those items to the grand kids so he could admire them! He gave my nephew Garrett a stuffed Parana for Christmas when he was like 7 or 8. Crazy man! He was the glue that held us together and each of us strive every day to keep that glue in tacked. My mom, sister and two brothers still are in Baton Rouge, LA and I live i Austin, TX. Our Mema passed away a few years before he did in Baton Rouge at the nursing home she was living at.

At the very beginning of 2007 in church, we wrote on a prayer request card for God to heal him because he was so tired of being sick. No pain ever stopped him from doing anything but he finally got to the point of being tired. God answered his prayer request on February 17, 2007 in my parents home. He didn't want to die in a hospital he always said. He got his prayer request. We miss him so much. Mother has been the glue since he has been gone and her strength has come through for all of us. Their marriage represented a love that was the foundation for us kids.

I can't tell you how many people have reached out just to let his family know how 'this man' touched their lives and the loved him so much. I knew he was amazing but I didn't realize until he was gone that everyone else knew it too. I can only hope that one day when I am gone that I get the same recognition that he still gets to this day.



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12/12/09 12:24 PM #1    

Bill Ivey

This is a shock...

I knew this great person more in Jr High. What a very nice fellow then. Soft spoken and we always were up to something. The times going to the lakes during summer...The original "Wingman".

I would tell people up north about my friend named warriner Siddle and they would crack up.. I always told them in was a great name for a great person...At least you could pronouce it not like Opelinsky ect... LOL

Hope that a pic is found. I am so saddened to hear of his passing..

01/10/10 03:15 PM #2    

Mindy Siddle (Michael)

Hi Bill,
I stumbled across the website yesterday, joined with the help of Connie and John. I'm Warriner's daughter. I've posted some stuff about him and will be posting some pictures soon (as soon as I find them). I smiled at your comments. I can see where his personality was present even back then and only grew bigger.

Mindy Siddle Michael

02/08/10 11:20 PM #3    

Bill Ivey

You remember that "Special friend" you had that the mere mention of their name makes you smile? That was your Dad. We would go to the lake on those retreats... Oh God must have been busy or we would have been in big trouble. I think maybe he knew I was with your Dad so I coulnd't be all bad.. Little did he know it would take me years to change.
Your Dad was a smooth talker and all the girls we met lied him. He would just smile and they never had a chance. I am sure we drifted apart because of me. It was my loss. He was a very very nice young man. I truly wish i had stayed in his circle..

I never forgot him and i am so sad to hear he is not with you all. He will always be in my heart...

Bill Ivey

06/29/11 01:52 PM #4    

Artiles Manuel Pelegrin

wow i'm in total shock - today is 6-29-2011.    for the first time i came up to this classmate profiles and i look up  missing classmates. when i saw warriner name , oh my god how could  this happen. all this time and i did not know i'm so sorry for his lost. i love this man even we were far apart due to our work situation i when one way he the other....i remember one time of many's when i first arrived in the u.s.a. from cuba, i did not know a wordd of ingles, i could no call him by his name correct i just call him waner and he was ok by that, in englewood elementry school my first school i attemp. i was in miss koon class, we were out side playing kick ball,and i just kick the ball and it thrown to me and got hit, i said s--- and waner said to me and i can still hear his voice saying  no no no bad word! and that he help me with many other words that i had pick up. help me with class work and i remember he was try helping me in spelling, that was a task he put on his shoulder it was hard but he stuck with me,he was always looking up for me.i'm so glad to have him as a friend, a brother., miss mindy i'm so sorry for your lost i just wanted even  it has been 4 years since his pass,  to let you know he was one of a kind a beautiful person.

 p.s.  to my best friend warriner ( waner ) siddle.,  you will always be in my heart.    love you

  artiles m. pelegrin


05/18/12 10:46 PM #5    

Pat (Trish) Morris

God Bless you Mindy!  I first met Warriner in the 7th grade and we went through school together until graduation in '69.  He was a Great person.  I am happy to know he has such a loving family.   I am just sorry I did not find this web information before now. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Love, Pat Morris

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